Health and Wellness

Health Insurance


Basic Health Insurance

We encourage all Western community members to have up to date health coverage. Ontario residents are covered by OHIP and International students are covered by UHIP.

Extended Health Insurance

Extended health Insurance is available through supplementary health plans.


Undergraduate students have extended benefits through USC Benefit Plan.  Questions? Call 519-661-3722

Graduate Students

Full time graduate students have extended health benefits through SOGS Benefits.  Quesions? Call 519.661.3394

Visiting exchange students

Visiting exchange students studying at Western University for a semester or for the full year, are required to be enrolled in the UHIP health insurance plan. Although UHIP covers most doctor visits and hospital costs in Ontario, it does NOT include supplemental coverage for services such as prescription medications, dental care, eyeglasses nor for most out-of-country expenses.  Visiting exchange students are strongly encouraged to purchase supplemental health insurance in addition to UHIP.


Extended benefits through Human Resources

HR Benefits