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Anxiety causes distress for a significant number of Western community members.  Workplace pressures, public speaking, highly demanding schedules or writing an exam can lead to a sense of worry, even fear. These sensations, however uncomfortable, are different from the ones associated with an anxiety disorders.  

Anxiety Disorders 

An anxiety disorder differs from normal anxiety in that the anxiety experienced: is more severe or intense. is long-lasting, interferes with the person’s ability to function at work, school, in relationships and it occurs when a person is not in a state of danger, in other words, the anxiety that the person experiences doesn’t match the situation. Some individuals experience generalized anxiety while others may have specific phobias.  Anxiety disorders may also emerge after a traumatic event.



There are many different effective treatments for anxiety. Everyone responds to treatment differently so some of these may work better than others.  Treatment options include:


Psychoeducational lectures at SDC

Presentations lasting from 1.5 – 2 hours on a variety of topics including stress and anxiety

Skills Groups at SDC

Groups include: Managing Anxiety and Stress Group, Public Speaking Anxiety Group, Social Anxiety Group and more

Counselling Services at Western